Active Nutrition

9-11 October in Amsterdam, Marriott


The Active Nutrition Summit

This three-day summit will bring together leading experts from the worlds of academia and industry to discuss some of the most exciting areas of the fast-evolving active nutrition market...

You will discover the fascinating scientific insights into how women’s physiology impacts their nutrition needs and the products entering the market to support this audience throughout their life stages.

With cognitive health becoming increasingly front-of-mind, speakers will delve into the various mental health concerns that can impact the athletic audience and how nutrition can support this essential component of holistic health, including the role of the gut-brain axis.

You will learn the latest consumer insights and how to win around the digitally-native audience with efficacious social media marketing strategies.

Finally, you will explore personalised nutrition strategies and the technological advancements allowing for more accurate research methodologies and precision nutrition interventions.

This summit offers more than content with ample opportunities to network and get involved with live Q&A, Wellness Programme, Speed Networking, Roundtable Lunch and our Social Evening on day two.

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