The Programme

We are working on the detailed programme for 2024. In the meantime, take a look at the key pillars:

  • State of the Market:

    The active nutrition industry has seen many micro changes over the last year, largely shaped by consumers’ increasingly holistic approach to health. Biohacking with personalization, ‘ageless’ marketing, microbiome mindfulness and women’s health are just a few of the trends making waves in this space. In this digital event, industry experts will delve into the current and future influences shaping the industry and outline obstacles and opportunities in an increasingly expansive category.

  • Cognitive Health:

    The body and mind have never been more closely connected in the eye of the consumer. Whether looking to sustain focus, beat stress, or fall asleep, health seekers are wising up to the fact nutrition is a key modulator of cognitive health. Mushrooms, herbals, biotics, and CBD are the categories causing a buzz in both the academic and marketing worlds. In this digital event, we speak to industry experts and thought leaders to discover what the latest research is revealing, what health concerns the industry can tap into, what ingredients are front of mind for the consumer, and how to cater to their demands with effective innovation.