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Key pillars that the Active Nutrition Summit 2023 will explore:

Women's Health:

After traditionally being side-lined as a topic too complicated to touch by scientists, product developers and health professionals alike, women’s specific health and nutrition requirements are finally being put under the microscope, and the resultant insights are both fascinating and life-changing for active consumers and elite athletes alike. This session will seek to illuminate some of the very latest research in this space and provide conversations to enlighten and inspire.

Personalised Nutrition:

Personalisation has been a key area of innovation in the sports and active nutrition space in recent years. But once we filter through the hype and extravagant claims, which innovators are bringing genuinely game-changing health solutions, how is data collection evolving, and how are new technologies deepening knowledge and changing the future of active nutrition? This session will look to provide answers.

Life-Stage Nutrition:

Malnutrition is a concern at any stage in life, but there are certain times in the lifecycle when the population is particularly susceptible to deficiencies. This pillar of presentations and panels will aim to illuminate how our nutrition needs change throughout the life stages and how companies are working to provide nutrition for every audience, assisting them to stay active from childhood through to older age.

Cognitive Health:

With elite athletes and weekend warriors increasingly considering health in a more holistic sense, mental health has come under the spotlight for having a huge impact on physical health, and vice versa. This is an area where research into botanicals is providing exciting new paths for innovation, as developers use traditional herbal ingredients to ease stress and anxiety, or support sleep quality and focus. Plus studies of microbiome modulation are serving up game-changing insights, as the gut-brain axis opens avenues for nourishing the mind via the gut.